Ginger Bath Detox

A ginger bath detox can be excellent way of achieving total body detoxification.  Ginger is a special bath ingredient that enhances/ builds upon the normal detox bath ingredients.

Before I get into a ginger detox bath recipe let’s discuss why ginger is important to the detoxification process.  Here are some of the benefits of ginger in addition to its detoxifying properties:

  1. Relieves nausea
  2. Stops diarrhea
  3. Mitigates gas and bloating
  4. Improves digestion
  5. Soothes menstrual cramps
  6. Relief from headaches
  7. Decreases cholesterol
  8. Helps to stabilize blood pressure
  9. Anti-Inflammatory (ie. reduces pain from rheumatoid arthritis)
  10. Encourages circulation
  11. Relieves flu and cold symptoms
  12. Relieves respiratory infections
  13. Has some known anti-cancer benefits
  14. Naturally freshens breath

IMPORTANT: Make sure you consult with your physician before using ginger if you are on any type of anti-coagulant.

Now on to the recipe:

Standard Ginger Bath Recipe:  Fresh ginger powder or grated ginger will do just fine.  Put half a cup of the grated ginger or a teaspoon of the ginger powder in hot water and stir the water up (the water should be about as hot as you can reasonably tolerate.)  Allow yourself at least 15 to 20 minutes to soak in the water.  You will typically sweat profusely for up to an hour after taking a ginger bath so take the proper precautions with wearing a sweat suit and drinking plenty of water during and after your bath to replace lost fluid.   Also you may want to test the ginger on a small portion of your skin before taking a bath just to make sure you don’t have any sort of allergic reaction.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

The Ionic detox foot bath is a much contested method of body detoxification.  Some believe it is a scam where as others swear by ionic detox foot baths for their chosen detoxification method.  I feel much of the opposition of this type of foot bath is unfair and I hope to show you why and discuss this type of foot bath throughout the rest of this article.

So, what is an Ionic detox foot bath.  An Ionic foot bath is a special type of foot detox bath that creates both positive and negative ions within the water.  These ions then through flows of warm water that pass underneath your feet will attach themselves to the toxins.  Insoluble toxins will then dissolve in this water.

The whole Ionic detox process is based on the idea of osmosis.  Through the use of an ionator the detox foot bath lets out ions into the water.  The ionator reverses its polarity every once in a while, so that negative and positive ions are both released into the water which then in turn are taken into your body through your pores.  This absorption of ions causes your cells to become energized which in turn stimulates the release of fat, acid, oil, heavy metals, and other types of waste and debris which have built up in your bloodstream and cells over your lifetime.  As these toxins are released through the process of osmosis the toxins are shuttled out of your feet and into the water, which then turns the water a murky brown, bright rust color, or some other very disgusting shade.  Some manufacturers even have provided color coded charts for the identification of the colored water, so that you can see what you are detoxing.

Much of the controversy surrounding the ionic detox foot bath involves skeptics and opponents of the alternative health industry.  Do these people have an agenda?  I don’t know.  Much of the science involving the ionic detox bath is based partly on the principles of reflexology in that everything is connected through the feet.  Much of the criticism deals with the ionic foot bath not having any large clinical trials or tests done.  Most of the evidence is anecdotal and word of mouth and is based on similar supported principals (ie. reflexology).  But this is not necessarily a deal breaker for the foot bath, in my opinion, and certainly does not mean someone can’t get benefit from it.  Most products, vitamins, etc., in the alternative health industry have not been extensively studied.  Large controlled clinical testing and trials are extremely expensive.  The pharmaceutical industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars on clincal trials.  A small alternative health company is not going to have that kind of money.

So, all that being said, I would not dismiss the ionic detox foot bath.  And if you think a detox might benefit you I would give it a try.  Not everyone is going to react the same to the detoxification process, so some people may report quite a lot of benefit, while others might have very little or report no benefits.  A good way to try out the ionic detox foot bath, if you don’t want to shell out a bunch of money for one right away is to try one at your local spa if they have one.  So, go have yourself a detox bath today!

Detox Foot Bath Recipe

Providing your feet with a detox bath can help to sooth them and provide a detoxification affect.  The detoxification process releases metals and toxins that have built up in your body via various things, such as, drinks, air and foods.

There are many different recipes for a detox foot bath, but here is the most common detox foot bath recipe:

What You Need

  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 1 cup Epsom salt
  • 2 cups baking soda


Mix the ingredient above together thoroughly and then put them into a airtight container for future use.  When you are ready to take your detox foot bath, fill the basin water up so it is as hot as you can reasonably tolerate.  Put ¼ of your detox foot bath mixture into the foot basin.  Relax, seated with your feet in the basin for roughly 30 minutes.  As soon as you are done with your bath use a  foot brush that has natural fibers to brush off your feet.  Then rinse your feet with warm water.  For extra soften of your foot skin rub some one hundred percent aloe lotion on your feet (Note: DO NOT use any lotions with additives as these are quickly absorbed by your feet.  You have now successfully taken a Detox Foot Bath.  To get the most amount of benefit out of your detox foot baths take a foot detox bath once a night for a week, then twice a week for 30 days, and then once a week for maintenance.

Here are the ingredients for some other simple detox foot bath recipes you may want to consider mixing together for your next bath:

  1. Take 1 tbsp. of honey, 1 tbsp. of liquid soap, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil and mix them together.  The hone is an antifungal and antibacterial ingredient for your feet and it also works to moisturize and exfoliate your feet as well.  The Almond oil helps to soften your rough foot skin.
  2. This next recipe is a special tea recipe made specifically for your foot basin.  Get one peppermint tea bag, one chamomile tea bag, and 1 cup of Epsom salts.  Add all the ingredients to your basin of water and allow the tea bags to steap for approximately 10 minutes.  Then take your detox foot bath.
  3. This last recipe is a relatively simple one.  You are just taking one cup of Epsom salts and 2 tablespoons of ginger and putting them directly into your detox foot bath.

HCG Detox Bath – Enhancing Your HCG Diet

An HCG diet can reduce your bodyweight very quickly.  Where most consider this diet to be a fairly healthy way to lose bodyweight quickly it still does not change the fact that you are putting a very large strain on your body.  Having a tool in your weight loss arsenal for soothing your body and detoxing when your body is under such a physical strain is the perfect solution.  Many people who follow the HCG diet have found relief and an enhancement in their diet through the detox bath.

Before we discuss the HCG detox bath though let’s first get an understanding about the HCG diet.  The HCG diet is an ultra low calorie diet.  People eat roughly 500 calories daily of fruits, vegetables and protein, while taking a supplement known as HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).  HCG is a pregnancy hormone that enable the growing fetus to get enough nutrients and be healthy; it makes abnormal fat stores in the mothers body available for nutrient and energy use.  When overweight people take HCG they experience decreased appetite and an increase in weight loss.  The mechanism of action in HCG is the reason why people are able to eat such a small amount of calories daily and still be relatively healthy.  Participants in the HCG diet typically lose 1-2 pounds daily.

Now that we know what the HCG diet is all about let’s discuss the HCG detox bath.  The bath is taken pretty much the same way a regularly detox bath is taken but for our purposes here we are calling it an HCG Detox Bath as it is being done specifically to enhance the benefits of the HCG diet.  Also, most people taking the detox bath on the HCG diet report normally about an additional 1-2 pound weight loss after every detox bath.  There are 2 main reasons related to the HCG diet for taking the detox bath other than the general detoxifying and relaxation affects.  Here are the 2 reasons:

  • The first reason is related to the fact that people’s body’s during their first week on the HCG diet are going through sort of a detoxifying stage where their body’s are getting used to burning fat for fuel, so during this first week on rare occasions a rash can occur. It is important to remember that this rash is not related to the actual HCG supplement but merely a result of the detoxifying stage your body is going through.  A detox bath is a perfect way to clear up a rash of this nature.
  • The next reason is related to stalling weight loss on the HCG diet.  It is sometimes recommended that if you have experienced 3 days or more where you have not lost any weight then a detox bath can be just the right solution to get the scale moving downward again.  This method does not always work for everyone as far as getting the weight loss going again, but it has worked for some.

Other than these two reasons a detox bath is a great way to just relax and allow your body to have a general detox.  That being said, hydration is typically very important for weight loss and is extremely important on the HCG diet, so it is generally not recommended to take more than one detox bath a week while on the HCG diet.  As always drink lots of water and drink even more water on days you are planning to do your detox bath.

Taking an HCG Detox Bath is easy, here’s how…. Basically what you’re going to do is add 1 cup of epsom salts, 1 cup of sea salts and 1/2 a cup of baking soda to bath water.  The bath water should be about a hot as you can comfortably tolerate.  You should allow yourself to soak in the bath water for 20 minutes then rinse yourself off in a cool shower.

Now, that you know how to take an HCG detox bath, have fun, be safe, and good luck on the diet!

Detox Foot Bath – A Healing And Soothing Bath For Your Feet

If there’s any part of our body that takes a beating over all other body parts, it’s our feet.  Unless you’re ambulatory and disabled, you need your feet to transport you from one spot to the other all day long.  And it’s not enough just to allow your feet to move you.  Additionally, you wear socks and shoes which can make your feet uncomfortable after wearing them all day and walking long distances.  After some wear and tear, your feet can develop funguses, achy joints, bunions, and calluses.  And yes, all the ailments can be painful.   Is there a solution to overcoming feet torture?  Yes.  A detox foot bath can certainly help.

So how does a detox foot bath help?  Perhaps you yourself have had one and may no longer remember what it was like.  In principle, it works much the same way that a full detox bath works except that rather than soaking your entire body, you are localizing the treatment to your feet and your ankles.  You soak your feet in a tub that’s filled with hot water and some Epsom salts and baking soda mixed in.  This is probably the most basic treatment for your sore feet there is.  If what you are seeking is pain relief for your feet this should work.  Foot massage therapy is also helpful in relieving pain.  For other ailments such as calluses and bunions, there are special ointments to treat such things.

Then there are products specifically marketed for the detox bath industry.   The most common of these are what are specifically marketed as detox foot bath products commonly found in pharmacies.  They look more like trays filled with water where you place your feet and some contraption will cause the product to vibrate.  Unlike a basic foot cleansing, some of these products promise a complete detox of your body, cleaning out poisons and other impurities.  There are, however, many that feel these machines are scams and offer no other treatment that a basic foot soaking won’t provide, or for a more thorough flushing of toxins in your body, a detox bath.

The thing to remember about treating pain in your feet is that more than one remedy may be required, particularly if you work out on a regular basis.  For example, joints may ache after awhile or you may have to treat pain due to injury—something that a bath alone can’t fix.  In a case like that, you would then need to consult a physician or a sports medicine specialist.

Take A Detox Bath For Body Purification

Each and every day, our bodies are subject to all types of toxins in the atmosphere as well as in some of the foods we eat and some of the liquids we drink (including tap water).   At the same time, there are treatments to remove toxins known as “anti-oxidants” which can be found in certain types of foods and supplements.  However, another effective method that can be used to remove toxins is a detox bath which can help keep your skin healthy.  A detox bath induces sweat, providing a deep cleansing to your skin and allowing you to sweat out toxins in your body.  Now that we know what some of the treatments to remove toxins are, we should briefly examine what toxins are.

In short, toxins are what the name “toxin” seems to suggest.  Essentially, it’s poison.  In order to rid the body of these poisons, there are treatable remedies.  A detox bath, as one example, not only purges toxins in the body but also restores important minerals that can be absorbed by the water combined with a few other items.

One important factor to remember about bathing as a way to remove toxins is that you must set aside about 40 minutes to do this.  This is not a quick bath or a quick shower to quickly clean yourself.  This is a deep cleansing for a healthier body and healthier skin.  In fact, it’s recommended that you use the remainder of your day (after the bath) to relax as the toxins will continue to be released even after your bath.

When you are ready for your detox bath, fill the bathtub with hot water.  Once the tub is full, add at least two cups of Epsom salt combined with two cups of baking soda.  Epsom salt and baking soda alone are the basic ingredients needed for a good detox bath.  However, with the addition of about one-third of a cup of ginger, you’ll experience a more aggressive toxin removal, causing your body to sweat even more.  This treatment, in fact, has been considered by some as an effective treatment to get rid of fevers and flus.  Once you’ve begun the bathing process, allow yourself about 40 minutes to sit in the tub and allow your body to sweat.

An important tip to remember about this kind of treatment is to drink water before you start the process and to have some available while you’re in the tub.  You will sweat profusely and you will need water to replenish the water you’re losing through sweat.  When finished with your bath, drink more water and spend as much time as you can relaxing afterwards.